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Down The Road Season 1 & 2


Winner Rose d'Or 2018 | Best Reality & Factual Entertainment

An experienced television host is in for his biggest adventure yet: a road trip with six young adults who have Down syndrome. A once in a lifetime journey that affords the viewer the opportunity to see these ‘special needs’ subjects face extraordinary challenges and witness the universal emotions and obstacles they confront in their daily lives.
Along with our host, the group travels the world, conquering challenges as unique as they themselves, find new friends and maybe even love.  Moving past any specific label or cultural stigma, the subjects explore themselves and push their own limits, searching, as we all are, for validation and fulfillment in their own lives.
Down the road is a new documentary series, packed with heartwarming moments. An uplifting tale that celebrates honesty and diversity.

Season 1 : Europe 

Season 2 : South Africa

Genre Factual | Entertainment
International title Cross Road
Created by Roses Are Blue
Produced by Roses Are Blue for VRT (Eén)
Available on tape 2 x 8 x 48'



Matchmakers is a dating show that sends unsuspecting singles on a date orchestrated by their friends. After three hidden camera dates, at last the single discovers what his friends have been up to. Now he has to make a final decision and choose which date he likes best to go on a romantic trip.

Don’t freak out over dating anymore. Just leave it to the people who know you through and through: your friends. That’s what Matchmakers is all about.

A dating show packed with fun, surprises and romance.

International success: Matchmakers has been nominated as 'best reality format' by the International Format Awards. A German version is running on ProSieben and an American pilot is currently in production.    

Genre Entertainment | Hidden Camera
International title Matchmakers
Created by Roses Are Blue
Produced by Roses Are Blue for SBS Belgium (VIER)
Available on tape 6 x 48’ + 1 Special



Het lichaam van Coppens/The Body of Coppens

The Body of Coppens is a Belgian Science Factual Entertainment Show in which two tv-presenters and real life brothers use their bodies to find an answer to interesting questions formulated by their audience. 

During each episode the two human guinea pigs put themselves on the line in numerous experiments and tests as science boffins explain the science behind these experiments. 


Genre Factual | Entertainment
International title The body of Coppens
Created by TV-Bastards
Produced by Roses Are Blue for Medialaan (VTM)
Available on tape 8 x 48'



Four couples give up their privacy to take their relationship and the viewers to the next level.

What is the secret to a great relationship? Four couples film their own unique relationship training, coached by experts, to discover how to give their lives together a boost. The results are surprisingly recognizable.

Please do try this at home!

Genre Reality | Entertainment  
International title Couples
Created by Roses Are Blue
Produced by Roses Are Blue for Medialaan (VTM)
Available on tape 6 x 45’ 


In Animalitis, host Dieter Coppens heads out every week to immerse himself in the awe-inspiring animal kingdom. His journey stretches from the largest zoo in Belgium to the amazons of French Guiana. For six months he will follow Belgium’s top leading animal experts, at home and abroad. He’ll see everything from a Chihuahua who needs heart surgery to a rutting panda, following special cases of both domestic and exotic wild animals.

Animalitis isn’t just a TV-show about animals; it’s about the interconnection between all living things. Dieter uncovers the everlasting love between man, animal, and the environment by showing the unique stories and experiences of talented animal specialists. These experts show him the breath-taking landscapes, the stunning wildlife, and the innovative veterinary medicine they utilize on a daily basis.

A brand new docu-series with unique cases, fascinating places, and a lot of love for animals.


Genre Factual | Entertainment
International title Animalitis
Created by Roses Are Blue
Produced by Roses Are Blue for VRT (Eén)
Available on tape 4 x 48'


Dossier X

When real detectives are faced with the wall of crime of the case that never stopped haunting them, they relive their memories and the compelling story starts unfolding.

Each episode of Dossier X tells the explicit story of one true crime, through shocking and unexpected testimonials of people who were at the center of the action and the coldblooded cops that closed the case.


Genre Fatual | Entertainment
International title Secondary Scene
Created by Roses Are Blue
Produced by Roses Are Blue for Medialaan (VTM)
Available on tape 8 x 48'