Overview of our work

Web series | Plan Bartel (SBS Belgium/VIER)

‘Home is where your story begins’. Belgian TV broadcast VIER (SBS Belgium) asked Roses Are Blue to translate this concept into a new digital format for TV host Bartel Van Riet. Together we developed webisodes that prove adventure can lay everywhere, if you just give your daily life a little twist.

Director Stef Ackx
Client VIER
DOP Robin Van Nuffel

Image campaign | WK-spot (Eén/VRT)

Get ready for the 2018 FIFA World Cup with this image campaign for our national broadcast.

Director Kurt de Leijer
Agency De Vloer
Client Eén
DOP Marc Appeltans

Image campaign | Bike for Brussels

“Bruxelles ma belle” goes the song, but there is work to be done. Many dream of a greener, cleaner, safer city. Roses Are Blue asked three Brussels residents to share their dream for the city. We then paired them with three Brussels illustrators to translate that story onto a a bike, a first step in the solution to many of the city’s problems. These portraits are the core of the campaign “Bike For Brussels”, creating awareness about cycling in the capital.

Director Willy Crank
Agency Mortierbrigade
Client Brussels Mobility


Image campaign | The Final Countdown (Eén/VRT)

For their end of year campaign our national broadcaster Eén asked their employees to come up with some crazy ideas. They came with some very nice stories. We loved to turn these into a feel good spot to start a new year with a big smile.


Director Jeroen Kila & Gijs Polspoel
Client Eén


Sensibilisation campaign | Reborn

Sometimes reality beats any top fiction story. Together with Duval Guillaume we worked on a pro bono spot for a good cause ‘Reborn to be alive’ (Organ Donor Foundation). In our research tour we met Christophe, an incredible nice guy with an extraordinary story. Christophe lived for 2 whole years without a heart. His story didn’t end well but it was his wish to go ahead with the campaign and hopefully save others in need. Don’t hesitate and become a donor.


Director Gijs Polspoel
Client Organ Doner Foundation


Awareness campaign | Belfius

Belfius has been supporting child charity organizations for years with their event ’Stairs for Life'. That’s great! But who are these organizations? We did some research and found a beautiful project ’Source’ that simply wouldn’t exist without the support of Belfius. A moving encounter...


Director Gijs Polspoel
Client Belfius